How much does it cost?

American Football can be an expensive sport. We don’t want to put you off, but we do think it’s important to be open and honest and let you know how much you might need to spend if you plan to join our senior team.

Everyone pays monthly subs to cover training fees, gameday costs and team travel. For 2023 subs are £270 for new players and students, and £360 for returning players. You’ll also need to pay a league registration fee of £50.00 – this must be paid individually and is mandatory across the sport. This makes you eligible for competition and provides insurance. We also hold either an annual residential training camp or travel away for a touring pre-seaosn friendly, costs for which are chargeable on top – these are not mandatory, but we recommend taking part – especially for new players.

We take subs seriously. You’ll get an initial three free sessions but after that a monthly standing order must be set up. You’ll get a regular update on how much you owe and subs must be kept up to date or you’ll not be able to take part – no different from paying for any other leisure activity or service, like a monthly fee for a gym or a Sky Sports subscription.

You’ll need to buy your own equipment. We can’t provide this. We will have a small pool of kit to share out in the first few weeks so you can get a feel for the sport and see if it’s for you, and to provide for those with financial barriers. We recommend attending a few sessions to see what you think before buying kit. That way you can get advice on what you need from our players and coaches, understand exactly what you need to buy and what sizes are best for you.

Starter packs containing everything you need – helmet, shoulder pads, leg pads, game pants, belt and training top – are available from suppliers such as EP Sports from around £370. You’ll also be expected to buy team socks (£5). If you already have your own kit or didn’t get them in a starter pack, you’ll need to buy your own red and black gamepants (c£20 each) and lower pads (c£15).

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