Great turnout for club AGM

February 21st, 2016

The Pirates held their club annual general meeting on Sunday 21 January at the Low Parks museum in Hamilton. The event was well attended by players, coaches and staff from across all five teams.

The AGM included a financial update, a question and answer session for members. The committee for the year ahead was also elected with all existing role holders re-standing for a further term. Successfully re-elected were:

Amanda McDonald – Chairman (two year term)
Stuart Gallacher – Ordinary member
Iain Dick – Ordinary member
Emma Johnson – Ordinary member
Al Adamson – Ordinary member
Stacey McKendrick – Ordinary member
Tasha MacKinnon – Ordinary member

Vice-Chairman Jamie McLaughlin and Treasurer Matthew Davies will also be continuing in their roles, as these were elected on a two-year term in 2015.

Thank you to everyone who made it along.


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