EKP Junior: Senior Stories – Gavin Russell

May 17th, 2016

Welcome to the next edition of Senior Stories, where each week writer Nicky Smith introduces one of our third year or ‘senior’ members of our junior squad.

We have a treat in store for you this week. Finally we get to go to the defensive side of the ball – the side of the ball that wins championships.  Today’s senior has played all over the defense at an exceptionally high level but has recently found a more permanent home at the linebacker position, which is where he is most suited to continue his playing career post junior team.

We give you ‘Gorgeous’ Gavin Russell.

The Essentials

gavin russell 2Name: Gavin Russell
Position: Linebacker
Nickname: Gorgeous
Experience: Four years
Previous teams: East Kilbride Pirates youth
Do you want to play for the seniors Yes
What position do you want to play at senior? 


gavin rAway from the field not much is known about the man, the myth, the legend that is ‘Gorgeous’ Gavin Russell. Rumour has is that he commissioned a ‘balling’ switch that, when installed, enabled him to instantly morph into an American football machine. It is also rumoured that he slaps a mean … Cello… No seriously, he is good.

On the field Gav is one of the most well rounded players on the Pirates junior roster. He started the season at safety before filling in at defensive end and then found a permanent home at linebacker.

Gav embraces the team side of the sport considering his teammates his brothers.  Aside from this season’s opening day win against Inverness, Gav’s fondest memory in the sport was when he went to Brit Bowl with EKP youth.

When asked where he wants to be in ten years, Gav responded: “Balling out!!!”  Same Gav different day.

What Junior Head Coach Matthew Davies says

matthew davies“Gavin Russell joined the Junior team from our Pirates Youth team and immediately showed a willingness to do whatever was asked of him by his coaches to help the team succeed, featuring both on defense and on special teams in 2015.

In this, his final year, he has cemented his position on the defense and despite having an appetite for absolutely ridiculous catchphrases ( “..and so I thought, I’m gonna have to ball out!”) his maturity helps bring stability to the unit and his technique and ability to read the game continue to improve.

Gavin is fearless, physical and leads his peers through his example. We will be very sorry to lose him when he graduates at the close of the season, but we look forward to seeing him continue to develop and watching him perform at the next level.”

Quick Fire Questions

gavin russellMost underrated team mate? Paul McLennan
Daftest Pre game ritual/superstition? Gotta have a pre-game curry the night before. #athlete
If there was a Pirates royal rumble who would win? Mark Stewart without a doubt!
If I could run the league for a day I would? Get Amanda McDonald to fix everything
One pre-game song you wish you could ban? None
Favourite NFL team is? Seattle Seahawks
Last TV show you binge watched? Luther
My guilty pleasure song is? Baggy Trousers by Madness
The strangest instruction a coach has ever given you? “Just don’t f**k up”
The weirdest/best trash talk you’ve ever heard? Anything that Kyle Gold says on Game day is usually nuts.

Photos courtesy Duncan Gray, Duncolm Photography


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