EKP Junior: Senior Stories – Jackson Christie

May 11th, 2016

Welcome to the next edition of Senior Stories, where each week writer Nicky Smith introduces one of our third year or ‘senior’ members of our junior squad.

This week we picked one of our unsung heroes of the offensive line to be centre stage. The O line tend to not get the credit they deserve even though the success of any team hinges largely on their play. Without further ado, we give you a member of the Fraternal Order of Offensive Lineman, or FOOL, Jackson ‘OJ’ Christie.

The Essentials

Jackson - tunnelName: Jackson Christie
Position: Offensive Line – Right Guard
Nickname: OJ (Orange Juice)
Experience: Two years
Previous teams: None – started directly with junior
Do you want to play for the seniors Yes
What position do you want to play at senior? 
Offensive Lineman


jackson - pileJackson Christie, or OJ as he is known, is an aspiring chef who hopes to be able to work in a 4 or 5 star restaurant while continuing his Pirates career.

OJ loves the fun atmosphere and the people that are involved in the Pirates. He’s actually been pivotal in building that atmosphere – due to his suggestion the Junior team now have music at indoor practice, Hard Knocks style, which helps keep the guys loose. The team wont be listening to his guilty pleasure Justin Bieber songs though, the coaches have assured us of this!

Jackson’s loves the memory of the team’s first victory last year against the Wolves – a huge moment in the team’s young history. Jackson hopes his teammates see him as confident, supportive and talkative. And after the Inverness away trip we can assure him that he has nothing to worry about in the talkative department.

What Junior Head Coach Matthew Davies says

matthew davies“Jackson joined the team as a true rookie in our 2015 season. With no experience of the sport and surrounded by a lot of his peers who had played for one of the Pirates two youth teams, he found his first year a challenge in terms of adapting to the sport and the team environment.

Despite that, his attendance was excellent and he continued to work hard to develop. Entering his second and final year as a Junior, Jackson is like a different player. He has blossomed on the field, developing a deep understanding of what the Offense is trying to do and how the Offensive Line contribute to that, as well as refining his technique to nail down a starting spot at Right Guard.

In addition to this, he has grown hugely as a person, developing self-confidence and bringing his sense of humour to the team, becoming a key part of the squad. As one of only two players on the team with 100% attendance, Jackson is a coach’s dream and we look forward to watching and supporting his continued growth within the organisation.”

Quick Fire Questions

jackson - highlandMost underrated team mate? Ryan Miller
Daftest Pre game ritual/superstition? Don’t have one
If there was a Pirates royal rumble who would win? Mark Stewart or David Harvey
If I could run the league for a day I would? Quit!
One pre-game song you wish you could ban? Anything cheesy
Favourite NFL team is? Green Bay Packers
Last TV show you binge watched? Better Call Saul
My guilty pleasure song is? Justin Bieber – sorry! (Yes, you should be sorry Jackson!)
The strangest instruction a coach has ever given you? “Run”
The weirdest/best trash talk you’ve ever heard? Nothing really.

Photos courtesy Duncan Gray, Duncolm Photography and Lassi Heikkilä


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