EKP junior: Senior Stories – Darren Robert

June 18th, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Senior Stories, where each week writer Nicky Smith introduces one of our third year or ‘senior’ members of our junior squad.

It’s time for edition number six, and it’s back to the defensive side of the ball with one of the biggest characters on the team – linebacker Darren ‘Chewie’ Robert.

The Essentials

darren robert 1Name: Darren Robert
Position: Linebacker
Nickname: Chewie
Experience: Third year
Previous teams: Lanarkshire Longhorns, Bristol Academy
Do you want to play for the seniors Oui
What position do you want to play at senior? 
Linebacker probably


darren robert2Darren believes that his teammates view him as a guy who completely changes when he’s on the field. From a nice guy off the field to a Wookie who is losing to a droid at Dejarik on it. The fact that the nickname Chewie has less to do with on-field anger and more to do with chewing gum in the hair is neither here nor there.

Darren only joined the Pirates this year after playing at both the Bristol Academy and for the Lanarkshire Longhorns. He raves about the organisation the Pirates have, saying the only thing he has to worry about is playing.

His top moments for the team have both been on special teams where he has caused two turnovers for touchdowns, one time blocking punt and the other time forcing a fumble.  In the future he would love to live in Cyprus or if he was still in the UK he hopes to be running out of space for Britbowl winner’s medals, starting with one this year.

What Junior Head Coach Matthew Davies says

matthew davies“Darren Robert was the sole player who joined the Pirates Juniors when the nearby Lanarkshire Longhorns dissolved after the 2015 season. A daunting prospect for many, joining a rival team didn’t phase Darren and he immediately made an impact with the coaches, demonstrating a very strong base of fundamental skills across the sport, giving him the ability to contribute to the team in a number of positions. He has ultimately settled in well as a Linebacker and we’re delighted that his skill and enthusiasm were not lost to the sport.

In additional to his significant ability as a player, he is also blessed with a fantastic sense of humour which can make interactions with him surreal! His charisma makes him a natural leader and he has been an excellent addition to the team!”

Quick Fire Questions

Most underrated team mate?
Caldozer (Cal McGeehan) or Ryan Miller, guys can ball.

Daftest Pre game ritual/superstition?
Listening to some opera topped off with the mighty Karma Chameleon, what a banging playlist.

If there was a Pirates royal rumble who would win?
Myself or Mark Cochrane, I have years of trampoline wrestling experience.

If I could run the league for a day I would?
Make a top 6 division and watch the best play the best.

Favourite NFL team is?
Miami Dolphins

Last TV show you binge watched?
How I Met Your Mother

My guilty pleasure song is?
Unwritten. Banging tune.

The strangest instruction a coach has given you?
‘Just don’t be sh*t’

Weirdest/best trash talk you’ve ever heard?
I wouldn’t call it trash talk but some guy invited me over to his house to taste his mum’s toasties. What a weapon he was.

Motto you try to live by?
Losing’s sh*te



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