EKP junior: Senior Stories – Cameron Wilson

July 12th, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Senior Stories, where each week writer Nicky Smith introduces one of our third year or ‘senior’ members of our junior squad.

After our wedding season break its time for edition number seven! This time it’s our pleasure to introduce you to a player in his first season in the sport. Speed for days, hands to match and a moustache to die for, it can only be Cameron ‘Wheels’ Wilson.

cameron wilson 1 The Essentials

Name: Cameron Wilson
Position: Wide Receiver
Nickname: Wheels, ‘Tashe, Hovis
Experience: Since January 2016
Previous teams: None
Do you want to play for the seniors Hell yeah!
What position do you want to play at senior? 
Wideout or CB

cameron wilson 2Bio

As you will no doubt learn when you read his quick fire questions segment Cameron is something of an … enigmatic character. He loves the club atmosphere and the support network that comes with being part of the Pirates, he also loves the hype and how the team all ‘vibe’ off each other.

This is his first year playing football and his most memorable moment in the club was his first game time action against Leeds. The seriousness of the sport got real for him when his good friend, Defensive Lineman David Harvey, injured the Leeds QB while attempting the break up a pass. He loves the physicality involved in the sport.

Oh yeah, in ten years time he wants to live in an igloo…. Seriously.

What Junior Head Coach Matthew Davies says

matthew davies“Cameron joined the Juniors this year having some prior experience as a receiver in a schools-based flag football league in Stirling. He was raw in terms of technique but his natural ability was clear even from an early stage. He’s worked to improve this and to develop his understanding of the differences with the kitted game and the ceiling for him is high, based on his natural talent.

I look forward to watching him continue his development and see him play for the senior team.”

Quick Fire Questions

Most underrated team mate?
Paul Mclennan on the O line. It would be the Whole O line, cause they bust their ass all day and get no credit. But this guy’s built like a receiver, weighs just under 10 stone and he’s holding up guys almost double his weight? The man’s a machine.

Daftest Pre game ritual/superstition?
I eat a blade of grass from the endzone just after the warm-ups. Call me anything you like, but I’ve done it before each game and we won or tied so…

If there was a Pirates royal rumble who would win?
Me, definitely. I personally guarantee that i’ll pick Cameron Hynd-Gaw up over my head and throw him over the top rope to win.

If I could run the league for a day I would?
American Football – Water edition. Every game has to be played in a swimming pool, or loch. Strathclyde Loch is our new home ground.

Favourite NFL team is?
New York Giants

One pre-game song you wish you could ban?
My own personal rendition of Power by Kanye West. After New England asked to use it for the Superbowl against the Seahawks, I had to put an end to it. #Toofamous

Last TV show you binge watched?
How I Met Your Mother

My guilty pleasure song is?
T shirt by Shontelle. Listening to this when my girlfriend broke up with me in primary school was a re-occurring thing that I’m proud of. Kinda.

The strangest instruction a coach has given you?
I was asking for help with kickoff return and blocking. I told the coach I wasn’t the greatest for blocking at the time. He told me to pick my guy, and run and jump at him. As long as my shoulder pad hits him, it’s fine. I winded one of our best linebacker shortly after this, sorry Colonel.

Weirdest/best trash talk you’ve ever heard?
Probably against highland, their CB got run into the ground (because I’m just a tank) and he started screaming for a holding call.

I told him to calm down, its okay to get beat sometimes, he replied with the greatest sentence I have ever ever, EVER heard:
“Yer da’s a dinner lady.”

Well played.

Motto you try to live by?
Free Mind / Open Spirit.

Free mind is about not clouding your head with stuff like, drugs or bad people or even stuff that’s starting to bother you. Open Spirit means don’t let anyone kill that, and be at peace if they do, don’t judge them or look at them in any worse way than you did before.


Photo courtesy Duncan Gray, Duncolm Photography


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