Women’s team player profiles – Heather McGowan

December 1st, 2016

Thinking about joining the Pirates women’s team but not sure what to expect? We asked some of our current players to share their thoughts and experiences to help you make your mind up. Next up, Heather McGowan who’d never played a team sport since netball at school and is now catching touchdown passes!

heatherName: Heather McGowan
Age: 32
Position: Wide receiver
Occupation: Business owner, Make Believe Events

Why did you start playing American Football? I’ve always had an interest in American Football since I was a kid as my dad taught me the rules, but there has never been much of a female game in the UK to be able to try and play it before now.

Was it what you expected? I’ve not played any sport since I played netball at school at 16 and that’s 16 years ago! I thought that I would only go to a few practices to try it but that I wouldn’t stick with it, but now it is one of the highlights of my week to practice and play. It’s so much better than I expected.

EK Pirates Womens American Football TournamentProudest moment so far? My proudest moment was getting the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award at a recent tournament for playing extra positions due to other players being away for the games. This time last year I couldn’t get my head around playing even one position so to be playing a mix of positions on both defense and offense and to be recognised for my performance for the day made me proud of how far I have come within the sport since our last set of games.

Why should people give it a go? We’d love new people in the team to share in the fun we are having. We have a great team spirit and it’s fun to learn a new sport. There is something for all ages and fitness levels – I am one of the oldest in the team and there is a place for me!

What was most challenging at first? As we are all new-ish to the sport we have learnt together so I don’t think there have been any major challenges individually.

What piece advice would you offer new players? Don’t be intimidated by the apparent physicality of the sport. We are a total mix of girlie girls and sporty types – this is a sport for everyone. As we are just starting out as a contact team now is the perfect time to join and learn with us- we are a very welcoming bunch and would love to share our enthusiasm with any new players

What’s the best thing about being part of the Pirates? The girls in the team are great to spend time with and it’s nice to see us achieve things together.

Interested in getting involved?
We’re looking to grow our team ahead of the new contact American Football season starting in February. New players should be aged 17+ All shapes and sizes welcome, and no experience is needed. If you have fun and decide to join us, we’ll provide all equipment on loan once you learn the basics.  Come along and try at our taster session on Wednesday 7 December at Glasgow Club Crownpoint Sports Complex.

If you can’t make our taster session, new players are always welcome to head along to practice on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm at Crownpoint. Email info@piratesfootball.co.uk to find out more.


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