Club AGM announced

February 10th, 2018

The East Kilbride Pirates American Football Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 25 February, from 12pm – 12.55pm in the Bowls Pavilion, Hamilton Palace Sports Ground, Mote Hill, Hamilton, ML3 6BY.

Who can attend?
All Pirates club members, coaches, committee, friends, family and supporters are welcome to attend the AGM. This includes our Youth and Junior teams and their parents.

Based on feedback from previous AGMs, we’ll be keeping things brief and to the point. The focus will be on giving you a chance to ask questions rather than listen to us talking. We’ll post up copies of our team accounts in our team groups ahead of the meeting.

1. Apologies (5 mins)
2. Short committee and financial report (10 mins)
3. Amendments to constituion (5 mins)
3. Opportunity to ask questions (15 mins)
4. Any other business (10 mins)
5. Voting to elect committee members for the year ahead (10 mins)

If you would like to raise an item for discussion as part of any other business, or are unable to attend but would like to ask a question, these must be submitted in advance to no later than Sunday 19 February.

All players, coaches, committee members and staff currently over the age of 18 and who are registered with any team within the club on the BAFA membership portal are eligible to vote. All 2017 season ticket holders are also eligible. (Please bring this with you to the AGM)

What if I can’t go – can I still vote?
If you can’t make the meeting, you can ask someone to be your proxy. This means that can ask someone to vote on your behalf, but you have to let us know in advance. You can ask a fellow player to hold your proxy vote, or submit it in advance of the meeting to

Constitutional amendments
We have recently reviewed our constitution and plan to make some amendements. We’ll post these up ahead of the AGM for your consideration and will request a vote on the changes being made. These changes include a proposal to increase the number of club committee members from a maximum of 9 to a maximum of 12 to take into account the growth of the organisation.

Positions up for election
All committee positions are up for election at the meeting, except for the roles of Treasurer and Vice-Chairman which are two-year term and was voted in last year.

The positions up for election in 2018 are:
Ordinary Members – nine positions (one year role)

Standing for re-election are:

Amanda McDonald – Chairman
Jig McCoy – for Ordinary member
Stuart Gilmour – for Ordinary member
Claire Cochrane – for Ordinary member
Stuart Gallacher – for Ordinary member (tbc)
David Fallon – for Ordinary member (tbc)

Standing for election for the first time are:
Dougie Meechan – for Ordinary member
Martin Gallagher – for Ordinary member
Rory Brown-Kerr – for Ordinary member

There is till one(potentially three) vacant ordinary member roles without a nominee and we would invite members to consider standing for election if interested. An updated list of those standing will be posted ahead of the AGM.

Although people are re-standing or have put themselves forward to stand, all roles are open for contest. By the terms of our constitution, all persons intending to stand for a vacant role or contest a role must give notification of their intent to stand prior to the AGM. If you would like to stand for a vacant role or against an existing nominee please contact Amanda McDonald directly or email no later than Sunday 18 February.

All nominations must be proposed by two club members – one of whom must be a committee member.

All roles involve commitment. Prospective committee members will need to be prepared to attend meetings via Skype on a regular basis (currently once every three – four weeks), attend and help at team events across all levels of the club, and own the delivery of specific pieces of work and have the time to actually carry out any tasks required. There are lots of other ways to help out the club that don’t involve being on the committee, so if you’d like to get involved, please get in touch via


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