The Way We Were…1995

September 12th, 2020

QB Graeme Henry

Another short step forward since our last look back – this time to 1995.

Our 10th Anniversary kicked off with a challenge match against the LA Raiders! However, it wasn’t Al Davis’ boys who provided the opposition, but Northern Ireland’s Lurgan Area Raiders. A small visiting squad lost 14-6 before both teams went “on the town” for some drunken debauchery.

1995 was the first year of the Scottish Gridiron Association, a body formed after the withdrawal of all Scottish clubs from BAFA. The Pirates started with three straight wins against Strathclyde Sheriffs, Denny Broncos and the Dundee Whalers before losing at Clydesdale Colts, then returning to winning ways against Fife 49ers.

The second half of the campaign began with a defeat to Strathclyde in overtime after a 0-0 score at the end of Q4. This was followed by defeats to Dundee and Glasgow Lions. The regular season ended in some controversy when the Dundee result was reversed as a result of them fielding an ineligible player. A postponed game at Aberdeen following the non-appearance of an ambulance was declared a tie and the game against Denny was awarded to EK following the Broncos’ early end to their campaign. All this left a 6-3-1 record and a place in the play-offs. Unfortunately a 6-35 defeat to Granite City Oilers meant no final appearance, for this year at least.

Linebacker Dougie Orr took MVP honours with QB Graeme Henry taking the Offense award and DB Gavin Reid the Defense title. Other award winners were Stuart McNeill (Rookie), David Graham (Lineman) and Derek Ewart (Most Improved).

By Bill Campbell


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