Notice of club AGM – Sun 27 March

March 13th, 2022

Notice of Annual General Meeting
The East Kilbride Pirates will hold their club Annual General Meeting on Sunday 27 March at 12-1pm at the Bowls Pavilion, Hamilton Palace Sports Ground. This is our first AGM since 2020, as our 2021 one was not possible face-to-face during Covid-19 and we had no provision to hold an online meeting in our club constitution.

Who can attend
We’re big fans of transparency in everything we do, so all Pirates team members, coaches, committee, friends, family and supporters are welcome to attend the AGM. This includes our young players and their parents.

The focus will be on giving you a chance to ask questions rather than listen to us talking at you. We’ll cover a brief finance update, put some changes to our constitution to a vote, cover elections to the committee for the years ahead and, of course, take questions.

We are making some changes to out contritution reflect the change to a single club bank account, and also to add wording to allow for future AGMs to be held online if required as well as some other small wording changes. These will be circulated in our team groups, along with our summary accounts and a short report within our team ahead of the meeting.

All registered players, coaches, committee members and staff over the age of 18 will be eligible to vote.

What if I can’t go – can I still vote?
If you can’t make the meeting, you can ask someone to be your proxy. This means that can ask someone to vote on your behalf, but you have to let us know in advance.

Positions up for election
All committee positions will be up for election at the meeting. All positions are for a one year term, except for the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer which are two year teams. Normally the Chair and Vice-Chair would run to alternate two-year teams to ensure continuity for the committee should both decide to leave their role at the end of their term. As a result, for this AGM the role of Chair is exceptionally up for election for a one year term in this instance, to bring this back in line following the Covid-19 hiatus in elections.

The positions up for election are:

Chair (normally two year role – one year role for 2022 only as above)
Vice-Chair (two year role)
Treasurer (two year role)
Ordinary Members – up to seven roles (one year role)

Vacant roles and nominations
Standing for re-election are:

Amanda McDonald – for Chair
Gordon Wallace – for Vice-Chair
Jamie McLaughlin  for Treasurer
Iain McFarlane – for Ordinary Member
Bill Campbell – for Ordinary Member
Kerr Girvan – for Ordinary Member
Dougie Meechan – for Ordinary Member
Claire Cochrane – for Ordinary Member
Stuart Gilmour – for Ordinary Member

Nomated for election to a vacant role
Mikey Reynolds – for Ordinary Member

Please note – Iain McFarlane is stepping down from the role of Treasurer, but restanding as an ordinary member. Jamie McLaughlin is stepping down from the role of ordinary member but standing for the role of Treasurer instead. Stepping away from the committee is Cara Wilson – who will still remain as Hamilton Buccaneers Team Manager. We’d like to thank her for all her hard work and support in identifying sponsors and fundraising opportunities at a club level over the last few years.

All of the above roles are open for other people to express an interest in standing too. By the terms of our constitution, all persons intending to stand must give notification of their intent prior to the AGM. All nominations also have to be proposed by two team members – one of whom must be a committee member.

All roles involve a time commitment. Prospective committee members will need to be prepared to attend occasional committee meetings,  which are held online,  own the delivery of specific pieces of work, and regularly respond and communicate both directly with the chair and other committee members and within our committee chat group, as well as having the time to actually carry out any tasks required.

Items for discussion
If you would like to formally request an item be raised or discussed at the AGM, please let us know at least seven days in advance.


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