Registering as a new member

Please note, registrations for players under 16 years of age must be completed by a parent or guardian.

1. Go to and click on ‘New Member’

Please complete all sections. Section 3 will be your account details. The Username automatically self populates with your email address. You can change this to a new username of your choice if you prefer.

new-member-22. Your profile page will then be brought up. Please do not select a club at this point. The first step here is to add your profile picture. This needs to be a passport style photo, a clear image of your face. Please be aware, a group photo, or a photo with you wearing helmet etc will not be accepted and may result in you not appearing on your game day roster.

As well as photo upload there are three sections within this page that need completing. Profile, Member Details and BAFA Membership.

Please select Update Details and fill out the required details. One completed, click on the BAFA Membership tab.

3. At this point you are able to select your East Kilbride Pirates as your club. Clicking on select club will pop up a club finder window.

To use the club finder, you can either enter the club name or search by post code. Not all teams have entered their post code on their club profile, so we recommend  leaving the post code field blank, and setting the drop down box for radius of search to ‘all clubs’.  If this still doesn’t bring up your chosen club, try switching from map view to list view and re-entering your club name

Please make sure you click on the right club as this locks it in once you have selected.

The next stage is Add Membership.

4. You will now be given five options. Please select your primary role here –  (not discipline).

  • Contact – if you are a player for any of our teams
  • Coach – if you coach any of our teams but are not also a player
  • Player / coach – if you coach any of our teams, and also play
  • Non-Coaching Staff – physio, stats, photographer etc

Clicking on an option then gives you a couple of drop down boxes to choose from, including select team. Please select the correct option of:

• East Kilbride Pirates Adult Contact (senior team)
• East Kilbride Pirates Women’s Contact (16+)
• East Kilbride Pirates U16 contact (13-16 years)
• East Kilbride Pirates U19 contact (16-19 years)

Remember, if you play for one team and also coach with another within the club, you should register as a player coach. If you coach for multiple teams, then select your primary team when registering – Amanda will make sure you’re on all required rosters.

Clicking on an option then gives you a couple of drop down boxes to choose from and also the Upload ID section and emergency contact and medical section. Please ensure that you complete the drop-down sections as well as ID upload section.  Members under 16 will also need to confirm parental consent.

The system requires 1 form of ID to be uploaded. Documents accepted include:

  • British Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Identity Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Parental ID if none in child’s name

Please add any reference numbers included on the document. If no reference number is available, please enter xxxx. If your document does not include valid from/expiry dates please enter todays date. The expiry date will automatically be populated with the date that we will require your ID to be updated.

Under 18s can also upload their Bus or Train pass, Student card or Young Scot card.

A pending approval message will then appear on the screen if your ID has been successfully uploaded. This can be ignored at this time. Scroll down and select finish. You will then be taken to the payment page.

If you are a non-UK national, you will also be asked to upload proof of normal residency in the UK – this can be a council tax bill, UK drivers licence, residency permit, HMRC letter etc. If you are registering a child, this can be in the name of a parent.

5. Once you have uploaded your details you will see notification at the bottom that ID is pending approval. This can be ignored for now as it is just reference for you that the documents have been uploaded on to your profile and ID does not need to be approved for your to complete your registration . Scroll down and select Finish.

(note – if you have to upload proof of residency documents they will need approved before you can continue)

6. You will then be taken to the payment page. Please check to see if all details are correct and that the correct fee has been applied. Please follow the onscreen instructions to complete your payment.

There will be an option to print your invoice confirmation once you have made your payment. You will also receive your
confirmation via email.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact registrations on or Amanda at or by text at 07920 252604.


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