Youth Britbowl – Sat 4 August – team travel plans

Dear Parents / Guardians,

This webpage contains an outline of team travel plans for youth Britbowl which is on Saturday 4 August at University of Derby Sports Centre.

What you need to do
If your player will be attending, please read all the information and make sure you’ve returned their consent form along with £35 for their overnight accommodation. No player will be able to travel without a signed consent form and payment. Consent forms have already been sent home with players, but you can find a copy here to download and print if needed –Britbowl consent form 2018

If your player is NOT travelling with the team
If you’re travelling independently with your player, no accommodation fee or consent form is required, but please make sure your player has let us know that they’re making their own way and won’t need travel or accommodation. If travelling independently, players must meet with the team at the game venue no later than 1.30pm on Saturday 4 August.

13242833083_d495a64b5d_bOutward travel
We will be travelling down the morning of the game on Saturday 4 August, departing from East Kilbride, Westwood Shops by Tesco at 7.30am. We will be travelling with our usual supplier, Silver Choice Travel. Silver Choice can be reached on: 01355 242499.

The game
Kick off time for the first game of the tournament is 3.00pm, and games will finish approximately 7.30/8pm. We plan to arrive at approx 1-1.30pm for changing and warmups. All players and staff should report to Pitch 1 entrance for team registrations and changing room allocation.

Supervision and emergency contact information
Head Coach Jim Dorman is the main emergency contact for the trip. You can reach him on 079002274128. Alternatively, you can reach Coach Matt Cooper on 07752021255 or Club Chairman Amanda McDonald on 07920252604.

Watching the game
Parents / family members will be able to watch from the sideline, but outside the team box. We kindly request that parents and family members refrain from smoking or vaping while on the team sideline. Please go to designated smoking areas within the facility.

In the event of injury
American Football is a contact sport and, although rare, occasionally injuries can happen. Qualified medical professionals will be on site at the game throughout to provide medical treatment quickly, if needed. In the event of any incident that requires hospital treatment, you will be contacted promptly and should this extend beyond our planned return time, one of our coaches or staff will remain behind with the player involved until you can be reached and make arrangements to travel down. Our coaches will have the emergency contact details you have provided to hand throughout the trip.

We will be staying overnight after the game at the Holiday Inn Express Derby Pride Park  Wheelwright Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8HX, which is around three miles away from the venue. Players will be sharing twin rooms.

A breakfast buffet is included with the overnight accommodation (cereals, porridge, fruit, yoghurt, pastries, toast and teas and coffees, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs and baked beans). Stops will be made at motorway services both ways for lunches, and a stop will be made at a near by McDonalds or KFC after the tournament for an evening meal. Please make sure your player has pocket money to cover these costs.

Food – usually pizza or sandwiches – is also usually supplied for players at the game venue by the organisers and water will be available throughout, but we recommend also supplying a packed lunch / juice with your player just to be on the safe side as based on previous years, as choice may be limited! Food is usually on sale for spectators too.

Return travel
We will depart Derby at approx. 10am on Sunday 5 August to return to East Kilbride.  We will ask players to update you on en route as to arrival time, but we anticipate around 4pm. Please make sure you’re waiting to collect your player.

When packing, make sure your player doesn’t forget…
Gum shield, pocket money, phone charger and phone credit, extra clothes and a towel for showering and changing after the game.

Team uniform and footwear
The club will be supplying players with matching team socks for the finals. We kindly request that where possible all accessories (base layers, leggings etc are team colours – red, white, black – or grey). Please note, the playing surface is 3G. NO METAL STUDS are allowed.

Keeping up to date with the scores
If you can’t make the finals tournament, we’ll be posting scores throughout on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. You can also find live streaming coverage of the final itself, and ‘Red-Zone’ style regular updates on other games, via a live stream here courtesy of Onside TV- 


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