EKPW – training camp 2017

Please read the following information to make sure you get the most out of EKPW’s first residential training camp.

With four practices in 36 hours, it’s going to be a fairly intensive weekend. Please make sure on the days running up to camp you sleep well, eat well and hydrate well!


Saturday 7 Jan schedule Sunday 8 schedule
09:20 Arrive at venue 08:30 Team breakfast
09:30 Team meeting 09:30 Check out
09:45 Fully kitted to train 09:35 Head to venue
09:55 Walk to pitches 09:45 Fully kitted to train
10:00 On field training 1 09:55 Walk to pitches
12:00 Lunch break 10:00 On field training 3
12:45 Defense meeting 12:00 Off pitch
12:45 Offensive meeting 12:00 Lunch break
13:15 Meetings end – time is your own 12:45 Defense meeting
13:45 Fully kitted to train 12:45 Offensive meeting
13:50 Head to pitches 13:15 Meetings end – time is your own
14:00 On field training 2 13:45 Fully kitted to train
16:00 On field training ends 13:50 Head to pitches
16:30 Sports psychology meeting 14:00 On field training 4
18:00 Hotel check in/player downtime 16:00 On field training ends
19:00 Team dinner 16:05 Final team meeting
21:00 Your time is your own 16:30 Camp ends

On-field location
Training camp is located at Inverclyde National Sports Centre Burnside Road, Largs, KA30 8RW. We will be using the Weir 3G indoor hall for on-field activities. The hall has its own toilet facilities, but we will also have access to the pavillion next door for changing and for water. A car park is adjacent to the indoor pitch. We will also be using a meeting room in the temporary conference and office block next to the main sports hall. This is a five minute walk up-hill from the Weir 3G indoor hall or alternatively there is also a car park nearby.  Please see the Inverclyde map for more information (on the map key #6 is the indoor pitch and #16 is the conference facilities)

Accomodation will be at the Willowbank Hotel, 96 Greenock Rd, Largs KA30 8PG. This is a six minute drive from Inverclyde National Sports Centre, or an approx 25 minute walk.

We check into the hotel on Saturday after we finish at Inverclyde for the day.  Rooms are twins and will have towels, hairdryer and tv. Note – it is recommended that you bring your own shampoo / toiletries. There is free on-site parking, and free wifi is available in all public areas and some bedrooms.

Check the rooming list to find out who you’re sharing with – please note, rooming has been allocated by coaches using the same positional principal as all other EKP club camps.

Included are dinner on Saturday evening and a cooked breakfast on Sunday morning. If you have not already done so, please advise Amanda asap if you have any special dietary requirements.

Please bring a packed lunch for Saturday lunchtime. There are a number of small supermarkets in Largs, including a Tesco, Londis and Spar so for Sunday lunchtime it’s recommended you do a quick supermarket run on Sunday morning between leaving the hotel and travelling to Inverclyde National Sports Centre to pick up sandwiches / salads / juice etc.

Mobile phones
We ask that you keep your mobile usage to break times only – if you have a special reason to need to check your phone regularly, advise your coach.

Practice surface
We will be training on 3G – please make sure you wear suitable footwear, no metal studs / blades allowed.

Please bring…
As well as your usual full practice kit, things you should bring include:

– Shower gel/shampoo etc as these aren’t provided
– Any additional snacks / soft drinks you want
– A copy of your playbook
– Notepad and pen for meetings
– Plenty of clothes – there are four practices. You won’t want to wear the same stuff for it all.
– Plenty of spare socks. Consider double-socking for practice to avoid blisters
– Flip-flops for wearing for down time

Please note
There will be other guests staying at the Willowank Hotel and using Inverclyde National Sports Centre, so please keep this in mind at all times – especially with noise when moving between buildings and with bad language if there are other guests or staff around.  This is a non-smoking facility, and please do not bring any alcohol.


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