EKPW Camp 2022

What are we trying to achieve at camp?
Camp will help us improve our fundementals and how we work together as a team, giving us a solid foundation for the season ahead. The goal of camp is for every player to leave having achieved three things:

1. Developed your level of comfort within all the roles you’ll be asked to undertake.
2. Developed individually, as a player, having added new skills and further honed existing skills as far as possible.
3. Developed your football knowlesde and understanding of the tools and resources available to help you suceed.

It’s going to be an intensive weekend. Please make sure on the days running up to camp you sleep well, eat well and hydrate well!

Covid-19 precautions
Please do a lateral flow test the day of camp and only attend if your result is negative. Please send a screen-shot of your negative result to Coach Claire before attending. Face coverings will be required in classroom settings and moving around communal indoor areas unless exempt, including the dining hall, unless sat down eating / drinking. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

Timings and welcome meeting
Please see the Schedule for full timings. We’ll be starting at 6.15pm on the Friday evening with dinner, then a welcome meeting. You can arrive anytime between 4pm-6pm but please make sure you’re there and ready to go for dinner. If you know you’ll be late, let Claire know. We’ll be finishing no later than 5.30pm on Sunday.

The training camp is at Strathallan School, Forgandenny, Perth, PH2 9EG. Strathallan is an independent school with great facilities. We’ve successfully held our junior and senior camps here for the last few years and it’s been used as a Commonwealth Games training facility. Visit the directions and map for more location information.

We’re not providing transport to Strathallan. The nearest train station is in Perth, and then you will need to take a taxi to Strathallan, which is around £15. If you need a taxi back from Strathallan, you can call for a local one on 07941 640019. To reduce the number of cars on site and your costs, try and car share where possible. Offer lifts to your team mates on Facebook if you have space.

Parking and parking pass
Please park in the visitors car park which is signposted, and if this is full, there is another car park by the synthetic pitches. Do NOT park your car on any of the roadways on the campus. If you’re unsure, ask.

All cars MUST clearly display a parking pass.  Car Pass – EK Pirates 8-10 April 2022 – please print this out and put your name and reg number on it and make sure it’s visible on your dashboard. We will have spare printed copies available.

Residential arrivals and rooms
Players will be in Woodlands House. You can arrive and get entry to your room between 4-6pm. Go directly to your boarding house – please DO NOT go to the main reception building.

Rooms are single and contain a sink, and there are shared toilet and shower facilities on each floor. The tap water in your room is drinkable. There are kitchen areas in the boarding house containing a kettle, fridge and microwave etc and a communal social area. Please remember many of the things in these areas have been bought by the students who live here in term time – so treat them accordingly. All damages must be paid for.

Women’s Woodlands Room Allocation

Day participants
Please check the schedule, and aim to arrive for the first post-breakfast activity of the day. You will also be able to use showers in the boarding house, but may need to buddy up with a resident to use their room if you require changing space.

Included are dinner on the Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on the Sunday. For breakfast, lunch and dinner you’ll be able to choose from a range of options, canteen style. If you have any special dietary requirements, please advise Amanda asap. In previous years we have been able to organise a catered sandwich supper, however, this is no longer available. Please bring any additional snacks you may require. However, we will still be providing fruit and cereal bars on both evenings.

Please note, the boarding houses are accessible by a swipe card, but individual rooms DO NOT lock. We will be the only parties using these boarding houses, but please be aware you bring valuables (tablets, laptops, money, watches) at your own risk.

WIFI and mobile phones
There is good signal coverage for O2 and EE, and Vodafone coverage has been improved compared to previous years, but you may still find this limted to 2g in certain areas.  We ask that you keep your mobile usage to break times only – mobile phones must NOT be used during meetings. Bring paper and pen for notes. if you have a special reason to need to check your phone regularly, advise your coach.

Getting around
Strathallan has a large campus but please only stay within the areas we’ll be using.

Practice surface
We will be training on a mix of grass and astro so bring suitable footwear for both. Astro shoes or trainers MUST be worn on the synthetic surfaces.

Keeping you healthy
We’re delighted to be joined by Ailie Freel and Ryan Nelson for the whole weekend, who will be available to assess and support any injuries, provide  first aid, taping, massage or general advice.

EKP senior camp
Our senior contact team will also be having a residential camp this weekend – making this a big weekend for the club. EKP seniors will be rooming in a seperate boarding house, but meals times and pitch space will be shared. Meetings and downtime will also be seperate.  This is a great opportunity for both teams to support and learn more about each other.

Please bring…
As well as your usual full practice kit (inlcuding lowers), things you should bring include:

– plenty of spare face coverings
– Soap/shower gel/shampoo as toiletries aren’t provided
– Towels – these are not provided
– A spare pillow – only one is provided
– Any additional snacks / soft drinks you want
– Teabags / milk / coffee if you want to make hot drinks (there are usually mugs available, but you may wish to bring your own!)
– Notepad and pen for meetings
– Plenty of clothes – there are seven practices and you may have additional morning positional stuff. The Scottish weather is also unpredicatable. Plan accordingly.
– Plenty of spare socks. Consider double-socking for practice to avoid blisters
– Flip-flops for wearing for down time
– Swimsuit if you plan to take part in the pool session
– Chargers for any devices you bring

Pool sessions
A female only swimming pool recovery session is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, led by Physio Ailie. Please note, swimming caps MUST be worn (their rules, not ours!), but these will be provided.

We’ll need you to complete some team paperwork over the weekend – which includes signing player agreement forms and our player code of conduct.

Please note
There will be other guests staying at Strathallan, so please remember you are an ambassador for our club at all times. Be especially mindful of noise when moving between buildings / pitches and refrain from using bad language if there are other guests or school staff around.  This is a non-smoking facility, and please do not bring any alcohol. Please also do not leave kit lying about the dining area.


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